Darkest Dungeon Developer Fixing Bug That Makes DLC Unbeatable

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<i>Darkest Dungeon</i> Developer Fixing Bug That Makes DLC Unbeatable

Darkest Dungeon developer Red Hook Games is currently working to fix a bug present in the Nintendo Switch version of the game’s Crimson Court DLC that makes the game virtually impossible to complete.

Per Kotaku, the bug is affecting players as they try to complete a large dungeon known as The Courtyard. The area is designed to not be completed in one attempt by players, allowing them to come and go at any point through the course of the game. It’s the only dungeon that allows players to leave at any point.

Recently, players have reported on Reddit that they are being forced to start the dungeon from the beginning when they leave and return to The Courtyard. Couple that with a new mechanic that sees your party become more and more diseased if bosses within The Courtyard are not defeated, and you have a concoction that makes an already-punishing game all but impossible.

Red Hook Games has submitted a patch to fix the bug and is awaiting certification from Nintendo before it is implemented. The silver lining is that the DLC can be deactivated within the game, so enjoy the base game unless you enjoy punishing yourself—though, if you’re already playing Darkest Dungeon, you kind of already enjoy punishing yourself, right?

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