Play Bill Gates’ Game from 1981 on Your Apple Watch

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Play Bill Gates’ Game from 1981 on Your Apple Watch

Sure, he’s probably best known for being a genius billionaire philanthropist, but did you know that Bill Gates is also technically a game developer?

Back in 1981, Gates and his pal Neil Konzen collaborated on one of the earliest PC games ever (in fact, some classify it as the first PC game) in the form of Donkey, a simple “racing” game centered around a car dodging wayward donkeys in the road. Created in Basic with only 131 lines of code on an early IBM machine, the game was actually rather sophisticated for its time.

In 2012, app developer XVision remade the game to run on iOS. Now, as of Jan. 13, the remake is also available on the Apple Watch. While this version costs $0.99 and the game is free plenty of other places, this is likely the way you’ll have to play if you’re determined to have the experience strapped to your wrist.

You can visit the game’s app store page for more on this version of Donkey.

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