Evolve: Stage 2 Begins Shear Madness Event, a Month Long Series of Updates, With a New Medic

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For the next five weeks Evolve: Stage 2 is running the Shear Madness Event, bringing a new update every week. Three new characters, three new map variants, new community requested features and a brand new co-op mode headline the different updates. Turtle Rock are clearly committed to expanding on Evolve: Stage 2 since its switch to free-to-play last month.

The first update is titled Quantum Surge and is available today. It brings a new Medic character, Quantum Caira, into the 5v1 multiplayer fray. Caira is a medic that is concerned with position on the map because of her abilities. According to Turtle Rock, Caira’s abilities are as follows:

Proton Field – Deploys a zone that damages enemies over time. Multiple fields stack.

Regeneration Field – Deploys a Generyst zone that heals each nearby Hunter over time. Multiple Regeneration Fields stack.

Neutron Barrier – Applies a short damage-resistance buff to all nearby Hunters.

Generyst II Field – Heals hunters and damages monsters in the area for the duration of the effect.

Quantum Caira is the second new character to join Evolve: Stage 2’s roster since the switch; the first was the Hunter Electro Griffin.

The Quantum Surge update also brings a new series of advanced tutorials and a “Try Before You Buy” feature. This unlocks all hunters, skins and perks that are bought with Silver Keys, the game’s currency, in training mode so that players can try them out before putting money down.

You can check out Quantum Caira’s trailer below.