Final Fantasy XV’s Most Controversial Chapter Getting Patched Next Month

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<i>Final Fantasy XV</i>&#8217;s Most Controversial Chapter Getting Patched Next Month

Square Enix will be rolling out a number of Final Fantasy XV updates over the next two months, starting with a substantial patch on Feb. 21 and ending with a major change to the game’s oft-maligned thirteenth chapter in March.

As revealed in yesterday’s Active Time Report livestream (and later translated by Gematsu), the late February patch will see PS4 Pro support for the game, new time-limited quests, a new level cap of 120, a photo capacity increase from 150 to 200 photos, and the ability to use the game’s music player while riding a chocobo. The date will also see a “Booster Pack+” DLC pack, which includes a new sword, fishing rod and reel.

Then, March 28 brings the long-awaited story patch for FFXV in the form of vaguely described “enhancements” to chapter 13, as well as the addition of “Episode Gladiolus,” which takes place during said chapter. Players will be able to control the titular character in the new episode of story content.

Later, unspecified dates will see an “Episode Prompto,” the ability to drive the Regalia freely and off-road (which is currently being tested), and another booster pack containing Magitek Exosuits for each of the four main characters. The suits were initially dated for the Feb. 21 update, but were forced to be delayed and altered after Power Rangers publisher Saban deemed them too similar to their own characters’ distinctly colorful armor.

If you happen to understand Japanese, check out yesterday’s Active Time Report below. Either way, be sure to stayed tuned to Paste as more updates roll out for Final Fantasy XV in the coming months, and read our review here.

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