Critical Distance, the Games Criticism Curation Site, Is Holding a Fundraiser

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If you’re a regular reader of Paste’s games section, you might be familiar with Critical Distance, a site that since 2009 has been devoted to publicizing and facilitating intelligent and critical writing about games. If you aren’t, you might consider checking out their site, especially their weekly curated column that shares new videogame writing—you’ll find not just the occasional Paste piece but consistently smart writing from a variety of sources and voices every week. Critical Distance has played an important role in broadening the horizons of games criticism, and that’s why we wanted to bring attention to their current fundraiser. The site doesn’t accept ads, and is funded entirely through its Patreon, so it depends on the donations of its readers to stay online. There are special rewards you can earn during this week’s official fundraiser, including help with pitching and writing from the editors at Haywire Magazine, so if you were considering donating to the site, and are a writer yourself, there are incentives this week that might be worth your attention.

If you’re interested in more information, visit Critical Distance’s fundraiser page.