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GameStop Will Provide a Subscription Service for Unlimited Used Games

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A print advertisement in Game Informer (via a ResetEra post) has revealed a forthcoming new subscription service from retailer GameStop, one that will allow for unlimited access to physical used games from the store. The “Power Pass” will cost the same as a new game ($60), and will last for six months.

With the Power Pass, subscribers can play any used game for as long as they’d like, swap it for a different used game, and then keep the last game that they choose after their six month subscription is up. The official date for the service’s start (or even the existence of the service) hasn’t been officially confirmed by GameStop, but the magazine ad shows that signups for the service will begin on Nov. 19, and that the Power Pass must be activated by Jan. 31, 2018. Keep in mind, however, that only GameStop PowerUp Rewards members can subscribe to this service.

GameStop has exercised some dubious and controversial business practices in the past, but this deal—on paper, at least—does look quite enticing for videogame players. Stay tuned to Paste, as GameStop is sure to release more details in the near future.

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