Ghost of Tsushima Video Preview: 10 Solid Minutes of Horse Snuggling

Games Features Ghost of Tsushima
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<i>Ghost of Tsushima</i> Video Preview: 10 Solid Minutes of Horse Snuggling

Ghost of Tsushima can be overwhelming. It’s one of those huge, sprawling open-world games that’s just bursting at the seams with stuff to do. Your horse can’t trot 10 steps without you uncovering a new mission to tackle, fox to chase, or haiku to write.

It’s no surprise, then, that your character and his loyal horse eventually get tuckered out. Occasionally, when you complete a mission, you’ll see the two of them idly snuggling together in a field, just two old pals squeezing in a quick nap before saving another burning farmhouse or fishing town. And it only ends when you want it to. It’s sweet. Videogames like this are rarely sweet. Let’s take a good look at this quiet, peaceful moment plucked from amid the chaos of a formulaic open-world game.