Gone Home Announced for the Nintendo Switch

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<i>Gone Home</i> Announced for the Nintendo Switch

The critically acclaimed narrative experience Gone Home is making its way to the Nintendo Switch on Aug. 23, courtesy of publisher Annapurna Interactive. The publisher announced Wednesday that they have collaborated with developer Full Bright to bring the emotional journey to the Switch.

Gone Home was released on the PC back in 2013, with console releases on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One following in 2016. The game puts players in control of Katie, a 21-year-old girl who returns home to Oregon in 1995 after spending a few years on an overseas trip. She is greeted by an empty house and players must explore to find out what has happened since she left. The story unfolds through messages left behind by her sister, Samantha, who players will come to learn comes out as gay, leading to a fallout with their parents.

This August marks the fifth anniversary of Gone Home. Here at Paste, we gave the game a glowing review, praising its storytelling, as well as its unique way of giving players an incentive to want to explore and uncover more.