The Best Of Hearthstone's Card Art

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The Best Of <i>Hearthstone</i>'s Card Art

Not all Hearthstone cards are created equal. This notion applies to the art which brings these virtual tools to life, as well. What you may not know about the card art in Hearthstone is that it’s all pulled from larger, full-art creations: what you see in the card’s oval window is only a small portion of the artist’s vision. Some of this art is even taken from Blizzard’s World of Warcraft trading card game, which saw modest popularity until the release of Hearthstone.

Luckily, full versions of the artwork exist.

That’s why Paste is taking a look at 25 of the game’s most stellar set pieces. We’re not judging the cards by their power levels, usability or rarity. Card art will take center stage in today’s rankings. Since art is subjective, we’re sure to disagree in a few places; nonetheless you should, of course, “Pull up a chair by the hearth!”

Spoiler alert: Sadly, Goldshire Footman still didn’t make the list.

NOTE: Given the wide array of cards in Hearthstone, we’re sticking to collectible-only cards; the art on adventure bosses, class heroes and such are not up for contention.

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