House House's Untitled Asshole Goose Game Lets You Play as an Asshole Goose

Games Video House House
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The debate on whether videogames are art has quelled in recent years—still, some may be dubious about the status of the medium. Here is a game that will forever put that argument to rest. From developer House House is an untitled game in which you play as an asshole goose.

A video of pre-alpha footage (embedded above) shows off the game’s basic premise: you are an asshole goose, and you wreak havoc upon this poor man’s garden. Your asshole goose has a neatly written and organized list of asshole things to do, such as breaking into the garden like an asshole, and stealing and breaking shit like an asshole. It comes across as a sandbox stealth game, and it looks lovely.

Players will get to exercise their inner mischievous tendencies through this videogame, without the real-life consequences that come with them. Finally, a videogame that we can relate to. This untitled asshole goose game releases in 2018. House House previously developed Pull Me Push You, a game we were very excited to play last May.