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A Final Note from Our Assistant Games and Comedy Editor

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When Garrett hired me as assistant editor for Paste Comedy (and, later, Paste Games), I was considering leaving videogame writing, and writing in general. I was unhappy, and since then I have made strong changes in my life to rectify that. I’m doing better now, but my period of change is not over. I am writing now to announce something that I suppose feels inevitable: I am leaving Paste Magazine, and Friday will be my last day.

Working here has been an absolute joy. As a freelancer I always felt that Garrett would have my back and support me, and as a boss he’s done nothing but foster my growth and encourage me to be more assertive and more active. I owe Paste Magazine the world. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that they’re the reason I didn’t quit, as I have threatened to do many times. Paste has given me so many firsts—my first byline, my first writing job, my first experiences as an editor—and I don’t think I can repay them for making me the writer and the person I am today.

If you want to know where I’ll be going, I’m sorry I cannot yet tell you. You’ll find out very, very soon, and I’m so excited to begin my new work. It’s going to be different, and harder, but if I’ve learned anything in this strange transitional period, it’s that I’m capable of much more than I think I am. All I can do now is try to express my gratitude for all the opportunities I have been given, and hope you will follow me as I continue my march forwards.

Main image from Love Live, which Gita wrote about for Paste in 2015.

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Gita Jackson was Paste’s assistant games and comedy editor. Follow her on Twitter to find out where she’s headed.

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