Strange Rain Review (iOS)

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<em>Strange Rain</em> Review (iOS)

Those who play videogames are often accused of (and attest to) doing so as a way escape their presumably sad and frustrating lives. What the people who assume such things ignore is that the only thing escapism tends to stave off is mundanity. In the face of true, gut-wrenching sadness or fear, I find most videogames to be an utterly unsatisfying distraction. They demand things of me that I don't have to give: determination and hope. Worst of all, they offer yet another opportunity to fail. Escapism is one thing, but it only works when we're able to exist passively in our own reality. When reality becomes too painful to ignore, escapism falls undeniably short.

Strange Rain was developed by Opertoon and published by Apple. It is available via the App store for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Richard Clark is the editor-in-chief of Christ and Pop Culture, where he often writes about video games. He can be reached at deadyetliving at gmail dot com or followed on twitter @deadyetliving.