Bundle Gives Away 742 Games for Minimum $5 Donation to Causes for Racial Justice

Games News Bundle Gives Away 742 Games for Minimum $5 Donation to Causes for Racial Justice, a website tailored toward independent videogame creators, is giving away 742 games on the platform as part of a bundle — all for a minimum donation of $5 benefiting causes for racial justice and equality.

The “Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality” has a value of $3,473, making it the launcher’s largest bundle to date. is donating all proceeds to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund, split 50/50.

The bundle contains some critically acclaimed titles, such as Oxenfree, Night in the Woods, Minit and Super Hexagon. However, you’ve likely never heard of most of the bundle’s games, including Three Lesbians in a Barrow, Oh Jeez, Oh No, My Rabbits Are Gone!!!, I Have Low Stats But My Class Is “Leader,” So I Recruited Everyone I Know To Fight The Dark Lord and KISSING COMRADES, a “200 word LARP of anti-fascist makeouts,” which just sounds wonderful.

Even if the bundle wasn’t going toward an excellent cause, it would still be an incredible deal just for the limited number of known games, and with such a wide variety of unknown ones, some are bound to at least offer a few minutes of entertainment.

The deal lasts until June 16, with a current goal of reaching $5 million donated after the initial goal of $2 million was met. It’s a staggering amount of games, all for the purpose of fighting racial injustice and inequality.

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