League of Legends Cosplayers are the Best: Dragon Con Photos

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League of Legends Cosplayers are the Best: Dragon Con Photos

A few year’s ago, my extended family gathered at a beach house for a week of relaxation and reunion. Much of my time was spent on the beach, but if I wanted to hang with my three teenage nephews, that meant learning how to play League of Legends. Even after this became an annual tradition, I was always something of a liability, trying not to die too much and get the occasional kill. I learned to play as Cho’Gath because I enjoyed being five times the size of the other players when I went on any kind of streak.

No videogame lends itself to cosplay more than League of Legends. There are more than 100 characters, and most have five or six different skins you can buy. Sure you can dress up as Sona, who uses who magical harp to do her damage. But you can also become Arcade Sona with a giant Casio-style keyboard complete with joysticks and buttons. Why be Olaf the Berserker, when you can be Brolaf, his fratty, beer-drinking cousin?

Above are some of the best League of Legends costumes at this year’s Dragon Con in Atlanta. We did our best identifying them all, but let us know where we went wrong. Sadly, no Cho’Gaths are included.