Tokyo RPG Factory's Second JRPG Lost Sphear Coming in Spring 2018

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Tokyo RPG Factory's Second JRPG <i>Lost Sphear</i> Coming in Spring 2018

The team behind JRPG revival title I Am Setsuna announced their second title today, Lost Sphear, launching in spring 2018 for Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Lost Sphear (pronounced “Lost Sphere”) follows the story of Kanata, a young boy who wakes up from a terrible dream to find his home vanishing. He and his friends set out to keep the world from disappearing by using the power of Memory to bring their thoughts to life.

The new iteration isn’t a squeal to I Am Setsuna, but does build upon what it brought to the table. Lost Sphear will sport similar features, but with an improved ATB combat system that allows players to adjust placement mid-battle. Environments are to be more seamless and players will have more locations to explore.

For more on Lost Sphear, check out the announcement trailer below.

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