Meet Scrotus, the Villain of the Upcoming Mad Max Game

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Looks like we’re in for another lovely day! Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released a new story trailer for the upcoming Mad Max game. It’s probably going to be a while until we see George Miller’s planned sequel, Mad Max: The Wasteland, but until then we’ll at least get to BE Mad Max and cause havoc around the post-apocalyptic landscape.

The story of the game is original and not based on any of the films, but instead borrows elements from them. In the game, Max loses his Interceptor and comes across a mechanic named Chumbucket who helps build him a new car dubbed the “Magnum Opus” as he tries to make his way to the Silent Plains.

The trailer itself reveals the villain of this game’s story, named Scrotus (probably not his birth name, we’re guessing?). He looks like one mean SOB who’s up there with Immortan Joe in terms of power and ferocity.

There’s a lot in the trailer that calls back to some of the people and items seen in the recent film Fury Road. There’s the War Boys, the exploding spears they used and obnoxiously huge, constructed trucks. Clearly the filmmakers and videogame developers had some sort of communication with each other due to the certain similarities, but we’ll be getting a whole new story in the life of Max Rockatansky.