Microsoft to Release the Two-Terabyte Xbox One S in August

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On Aug. 2, Microsoft will release the first update to its popular Xbox One console. The Xbox One S, announced last month at E3, will be released in just a few weeks, on Aug. 2.

The One S features a 40 percent slimmer design, 4K Ultra HD with high definition resolution (HDR) capability, and a slightly redesigned controller.

When the One S was first announced, Microsoft touted a $299 price tag to highlight its affordability. However, per the company’s announcement today, the most expensive version, priced at $399 and equipped with two terabytes of memory, will release first.

The two cheaper versions of the Xbox One S, the one-TB system for $349 and the smaller, 500-GB system for $299, will be released at a later date. The redesigned controller can also be purchased separately for $59.99 and is compatible with both the One S and the original One.

Next holiday season, Microsoft is set to release the codenamed “Project Scorpio,” an Xbox One touting enhanced 4K HDR resolution, as well as VR headset support.

Watch the official trailer for the One S below and pre-order the console here.