Monster Hunter Rise Gets Second Demo Ahead of Launch Later This Month

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<i>Monster Hunter Rise</i> Gets Second Demo Ahead of Launch Later This Month

A Monster Hunter digital event this morning brought great news for folks hungry for more information on the series upcoming titles. For people specifically looking for more on Monster Hunter Rise, there was a ton of new gameplay and news, not the least of which was that we’re getting a second demo before the game releases at the end of the month.

On Mar. 11, Capcom will be dropping a second demo that will not only contain the content of the first, but bring even more into the fold. The new addition seems to be an advanced hunt against Rise’s “flagship monster,” the Magnamalo.

If you never deleted the demo from January, all you have to do is update that one once Mar. 11 comes around. That will not only bring in the new mission, but also refresh the number of attempts you can make on missions, which was a limitation in place in January’s demo. The same limitations remain in place for this one, so everyone will have 30 attempts for all five missions collectively. Time to make em count, y’all.

I’m personally excited to get more time with Monster Hunter Rise when it comes out Mar. 26. I couldn’t dive into the last demo too much, but the closer we get to it releasing the antsier I am to get back to Monster Hunter.