New Hunter Class Comes to Evolve: Stage 2

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Two weeks ago, the 4v1 multiplayer shooter Evolve went free-to-play as Evolve: Stage 2. Now, there’s a new Hunter character for everyone to play as. This character is the Electro Griffin, a variation on the original hunter.

The Electro Griffin comes equipped with brand new abilities. First up, Griffin’s main weapon is a submachine gun that slows the movement of anything you shoot. The Griffin also has a harpoon gun that damages and restrains enemies. Lastly, the Griffin’s armor allows full movement speed while shooting, making him one of the most mobile classes.

In design and character, the Electro Griffin channels an ‘80s action-movie star. Watch the trailer below to see what we mean. It’s full of Tron-esque designs and neon lights. The Electro Griffin is available now for all, and Evolve: Stage 2 is free on Steam.