Nintendo Adds More NES Titles, New Version of Legend of Zelda to Switch Online

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Nintendo Adds More NES Titles, New Version of <i>Legend of Zelda</i> to Switch Online

On Wednesday, Nintendo released three more titles for Switch Online subscribers, who gain access to old-school NES titles as part of their subscription. At launch, this included 20 games—today’s additions include NES Open Tournament Golf, Solomon’s Key and Super Dodge Ball.

The hidden gem here is what Nintendo is calling “special save data” for the already-released NES version of Legend of Zelda. The game is notorious for being extremely difficult and sometimes inexplicable in its progression. Even players who could access the original game, looking to experience one of the classics, might be immediately turned off by those hurdles. This new version, called Legend of Zelda SP, changes that.

Before, players could boot up the game and totally miss the first available weapon, a wooden sword. Those who boot up the special save data will find some of the game’s best items in their inventory right off the bat, including the White Sword, Magical Shield, Blue Ring and Power Bracelet.

Old-guard players will be happy to know that this version doesn’t just make the game easier. IGN reports that after completing it, players unlock a more difficult Legend of Zelda called Second Quest.

Nintendo plans to release several other new game versions just like this one, likely for Switch Online. It’s a welcome invitation for a new generation to dive into the company’s history—or for those who were stumped to give it another shot.

Grab your Switch: Legend of Zelda SP is out now. And so are those other games.