Forty Things You Should Know About Nintendo’s DSi XL

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21. Since the XL is just a bigger DSi, all your DS games work just fine on it.

22. Some games definitely benefit from the bigger screen. Dig out your Zelda DS titles and enjoy them in all their super-sized glory.

23. All those cool titles you downloaded for your DSi are tied to the machine you downloaded them onto. Want an old download on your new system? Sorry, you’ll have to pony up more Nintendo points to buy it again for the XL.

24. Speaking of which, two DSs can’t share the same set of Nintendo points either.

25. You can, however, tie up to eight DS machines to a single Club Nintendo account.

26. The DSi is the eighth-generation Nintendo portable system

27. The XL comes in two colors, burgundy and bronze.

28. The system has a glossy top and a matte finish on the bottom that make it easier to hold in your sweaty hands.

29. The DSi lid locks into two view positions. The XL locks into a massive three. You hear that? Three!

30. Nintendo typically launches some key game that takes advantage of the new features in its upgraded hardware. WarioWare D.I.Y. is that game. You can play it on any DS platform, but you might hurt your eyes looking at all the tiny buttons on the screen.

31. The large screen will encourage people to look over your shoulder while you play.

32. By the end of last year, Nintendo had shipped an extra large number of DS systems: 16.4 million.

33. The XL even sports an extra-long battery life compared to the DSi.

34. If you haven’t upgraded to the DSi yet, the XL does provides good reasons to move to the latest in Nintendo technology.

35. In Japan, the XL is known as the DSi LL, because in Japan, LL means XL.

36. At this point, still, no one is sure what those two cameras on the DSi, or the XL are actually for.

37. Oh wait, you can upload your photos taken with those two cameras directly to Facebook with the DSi.

38. Will this be the last major iteration in the DS line? Hard to say. But Nintendo has already announced a new portable 3D system that won’t need goofy glasses and will run DS games.

39. The bottom line on the XL, it’s a perfect platform for an older gamer. Leave those pint-sized systems to the kids.

40. XL, as any Roman can tell you, is also the numeral forty. And number 40 is a good place to end any list.

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