NES Classic Will Return to Physical and Digital Store Shelves This Summer

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NES Classic Will Return to Physical and Digital Store Shelves This Summer

The NES Classic Edition, to the joy of many a scalper, will return to store shelves and online retail outlets come June 29, as promised. The system has been out of stock almost everywhere for many months, and people who have wanted them have had to resort to purchasing them at above retail price via scalper’s storefronts on websites like eBay and the like. It is a smart move by Nintendo if they mean to bring the NES Classic into back into full production due to how well it sold before its stock was reduced to an empty display case at one’s local Target.

The SNES Classic Edition has sold over four million units and it just makes sense that Nintendo would want to allow that unit’s older sibling, the NES Classic Edition, a chance at more sales. The NES Classic Edition, once back in stock in June, will be available via Nintendo’s web store and at other retailers through the end of the year.

This is all according to a Tweet that Nintendo of America posted on Sunday night and judging by the piranha-like fervor that these systems bring out of shoppers and scalpers alike, it is a safe bet to preorder one, once preorders are available.

Yet, Nintendo recently announced that the Virtual Console, an emulation service available on all Nintendo consoles from the Wii to the Wii-U/3DS/2DS, will not be coming to the Nintendo Switch. What does that mean for the Nintendo line of Classic Edition Systems? Most likely, it means that Nintendo will find a new way of making you buy Super Mario World for the twelfth time, but it could mean that the Classic Edition line of Nintendo products could be one of the main ways that Nintendo sells emulations of their classic games.

Speculation aside, The NES Classic will be available to purchase, once again, from June 29 onward. It is priced at $60 and features 30 curated Nintendo Entertainment System titles. Best of luck in acquiring one.