Trumptendo Will Make Nintendo Great Again

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Trumptendo Will Make Nintendo Great Again

Nintendo’s struggling. They still make amazing games for their consoles and handhelds, and their first mobile game is a huge hit, but the Wii U is basically a flop and their next system, the NX, is still several months away. What can the former king of videogames do to reclaim its crown?

Jeff Hong, a storyboard artist who has worked for Nickelodeon Animation and Disney Feature Animation, has the answer: Trumptendo.

Look, Trump’s a winner. He knows how to win. He’s been a tremendous success in everything he’s done, and if he took over Nintendo he’d get the smartest, meanest guys in there to get it fixed. Maybe he’d make Sony build a wall around the Playstation. Who knows? These horrible jokes write themselves.

Hong has combined Trump with classic 1980s Nintendo art to create a fantasy line of edgy, politically-minded Nintendo games that never were and probably never should have been. It’s not just Trump, though: Bernie Bros make a guest appearance, and ISIS isn’t far behind. And they’re all playable.

You should go to Hong’s Trumptendo site and check out the full selection of games. We’ve included a few of our favorite images here, but that site has ‘em all, and they’re all playable.