Ana's Sleep Dart Can Get Your Target Booted From an Overwatch Match

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Ana, the first post-release hero added to Overwatch, has the ability to put an enemy to sleep using a sleep dart, making them completely immobile for 5.5 seconds. YouTuber Youmuus discovered that multiple Anas can gang up on a single enemy and keep them asleep indefinitely.

If at least three Anas get together and keep a single enemy asleep for one minute, that enemy will actually get booted from the match for inactivity. Youmuus displayed this in a custom game, but he says that this can be pulled off in Quick Play as well, if players are coordinated and can stave off enemies that will no doubt be trying to stop them.

This move is impossible in Competitive Play, however, due to the recent update that only allows one of each hero on a team.

This trick will likely prove almost impossible to actually pull off in a regular match, however, and would be somewhat pointless to actually accomplishing the round’s goal: three players spending a whole minute not contributing to the objective would almost certainly mean defeat for that team. Nevertheless, it’s quite funny to see a Bastion immobilized and then booted. Check out the video below.