FYI, "Hanzo Main" is Officially an Insult Now

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FYI, "Hanzo Main" is Officially an Insult Now

I’ve heard of folks dissing “Hanzo mains” before but this? Now it’s officially a thing. Once a teenage girl has brought a diss into the folds of her daily vocabulary, it’s all over.

This bit of hilarity popped up yesterday on Twitter. The daughter of Twitch streamer Abrekke83 got written up by a teacher because she called another student a “Hanzo main” after the boy had stolen her pencil. The teacher is adorably bewildered, and the girl, admirably bold: apparently she corrected the misspelling of Hanzo on the first note and was written up a second time. I admire her priorities.

God bless teenage gamer girls.

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My daughter got in trouble for calling a kid who stole her pencil a Hanzo main. My husband and I have been laughing for half an hour.— Allie (@abrekke83) March 16, 2017