New Overwatch Event, Year of the Rooster, Starts Next Week

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New <i>Overwatch</i> Event, Year of the Rooster, Starts Next Week

Blizzard has unveiled the latest Overwatch seasonal event, Year of the Rooster.

Based around the upcoming Chinese New Year, the in-game event begins on Jan. 24. It was announced on Twitter last night with two tweets. The first, which showcases what appears to be a new skin for Mei, was posted on the English-language page with the caption, “Good luck and great fortune await!”:

The other was posted on the Korean Overwatch page, and it shows off a different, somehow even more adorable new skin for D.Va:

A Blizzard spokesperson indicated to Polygon that the event will be similar to previous holiday events, which have centered around providing new cosmetic unlockables and gameplay modes to players. The end date for the event is currently unknown.