Overwatch is Getting Olympics-Themed Skins and a New Map

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Update: Blizzard has put up Summer Games Loot Boxes for sale on the Playstation Network Store, and presumably all other platforms will get them before long. The loot boxes cost $1.99 and can only be purchased with money, not with in-game credits. Each box is guaranteed to come with at least one Olympics-themed item, which could be a skin, emote, intro, voice line or spray.

There are over 90 new unlocks, which suggests every character is getting a new Olympics-themed item. However, given that it’s random and costs $1.99, it could take a lot of money to unlock all of them. Furthermore, this is a limited time promotion, and Blizzard is only selling these loot boxes until Aug. 22.

Original article: Professional Twitch streamer Laced Up Lauren says she was sent a package from Blizzard. In this package, which she unboxed on a stream, were Overwatch cards and stickers that depict the 22 heroes in new outfits and a new map, based around the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.

The cards depict Tracer in a Track and Field outfit, Lúcio in a Football (soccer for Americans) outift and Zarya in a Weightlifting one. The sticker sheet features the rest of the heroes in various outfits and poses, such as Widowmaker on the gymnastics beam, Mei playing ping-pong, and Soldier: 76 playing golf like the dad he is. There is also a print showcasing what may be Overwatch’s first new map, a giant domed football stadium.

None of these are in association with the International Olympic Committee or Rio de Janeiro, and as such these aren’t being referred to as the Olympics, but rather the “Summer Games 2016.”

Overwatch’s last update brought with it the first new hero, Ana. The next one could bring its first new map. Blizzard has not made any official comment on this yet, so these could be fake, but the quality of the artwork in the photos leads us to believe that this is legit. In that case, these outfits and potentially a new map could be released in the near future, though it’s unclear if everyone would get new outfits or just Lúcio, Tracer and Zarya, which seems more likely.

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