Overwatch's Newest Hero Has Been Revealed

A cute, chubby little face paired with a killer mech ... yes, please

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<i>Overwatch</i>'s Newest Hero Has Been Revealed

After a series of teases released over the past few days via Overwatch’s official Twitter page, the videogame’s newest hero has been revealed. The final teaser shows the face of hero 28, and it is chubbier and cuter than anyone could have imagined. The second teaser showed a wrecking ball rolling down an alleyway and it turns out that said wrecking ball is really a killer mech that happens to be piloted by an impossibly cute little rodent.

Hero 28, based on its look and the lore of Overwatch, is likely Hammond, the missing specimen from the Horizon Lunar Colony. The Horizon Lunar Colony was a scientific experiment that sought to turn gorillas into both scholars and scientists. Winston is the most famous graduate from the program, which was funded by the Lucheng Interstellar Company. That last part of information is important, because both Winston and Hammond were deemed “missing” on Lucheng’s server systems. However, neither of them seems to be missing anymore, as Winston has been in the game since its 2016 launch and now it seems that Hammond is joining in on the hero-shooter action.

Hero 28’s wrecking ball-like mech resembles the Wrecking Ball champion from Junkertown, and if the new hero and said wrecking ball are one and the same, we could be looking at the third Australian hero in Overwatch after Junkrat and Roadhog. Little is known about the new hero at this point but Blizzard should share more information about it in the near future, showing it in-game, its class and its identity.

Stay tuned as more information develops about the just-revealed 28th hero in Overwatch.

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