Ranking Every Overwatch Map

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Ranking Every <i>Overwatch</i> Map

Overwatch’s characters get all the love, but those cartoons have to kill each other somewhere. A shooter’s maps should give all kinds of players the opportunity to shine, while also highlighting strengths and weaknesses of certain lineups. Overwatch has that in spades. On these maps, some characters have access to parts that others don’t, but those spots can also leave them open to attack. Other spots might be hard to attack, but the right lineup can take advantage of a flank to make it an honest fight. Chokepoints are clearly visible and circumventable, and force the big fights that make for a great Play of the Game.

Better yet, each map is designed around a specific game mode like Assault, Escort and Control. This guarantees you never get tired of doing the same thing over and over, and these maps multiply the variety of team combinations by asking players to consider their favorite characters in different contexts. In the right player’s hands, the map is as much a tool for destruction as any character they choose.

We’ve ranked each of Overwatch’s twelve maps from worst to best, because some are just plain better than others. How’d your favorite do? Do you even have a favorite map, or have you been so focused on how badass that Pharah ultimate you just pulled off was to pick one? For shame.

Suriel Vazquez is a freelance writer who no, for real, really needs you to get on the payload. He’s written for Paste, ZAM, Playboy and several others. You can follow him on Twitter.