Nintendo Takes Down Adult Parody Game Peach's Unknown Tale with Copyright Claim

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Nintendo Takes Down Adult Parody Game <I>Peach's Unknown Tale</I> with Copyright Claim

Princess Peach’s more erotic adventures are no longer available to play, thanks to none other than Nintendo themselves. Developer Ivan Aedler has been working on Peach’s Unknown Tale, an erotic parody game on the Mario franchise, since 2012. After almost a decade on the internet the game finally irked Nintendo enough for them to act and they hitPeach’s Unknown Tale with a DMCA takedown notice on Sep. 17, leaving the future of the game unknown.

TorrentFreak originally caught the takedown, confirming that the game is no longer available to download and play. Peach’s Unknown Tale featured the princess on a journey across the Mushroom Kingdom to stop the nefarious Bowser in Mario’s absence. While other games see Mario jumping on enemies to defeat them, Peach takes a more “alternative” route to pacify her assailants. Engaging in sex acts ranging from the absurd to the obscene, Peach takes on Bowser’s lackeys in extensive scenes. “Gameplay” videos of the title have racked up millions of views on various porn websites.

Nintendo has been a staunch defender of their Intellectual property, taking down fanmade games and distributors of their game files alike. While porn parodies typically fall under fair use in copyright law, they do so only by treading cautiously. It’s unclear whether Aedler will attempt to reupload his game elsewhere or continue its development. His Patreon has not been updated since March, with the final update saying, “I already told some people that ‘I prefer to be dead’ than abandon this game.”

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