This Kickstarter Campaign Wants to Make a New Game, Phantom Gear, for the Sega Genesis

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This Kickstarter Campaign Wants to Make a New Game, <i>Phantom Gear</i>, for the Sega Genesis

There’s no shortage of videogames with old-school aesthetics and gameplay styles on Kickstarter, but no game is quite committing to the bit like Phantom Gear. The platforming shooter, developed by Mega Cat Studios, is going the whole nine yards and hopes to release on the Sega Genesis.

“We’re blast processing our way to something special here, and I couldn’t be more excited for people to play Phantom Gear. Playing it is like the first time you put your hands on classics such as Ristar or Dynamite Head,” says lead developer Zack Manko.

The Kickstarter campaign, which launches on Tuesday, July 16, will cover the game’s development, cartridge manufacturing and box construction costs for the Genesis.

The news comes attached to a brief trailer, which shows player-character Josephine jumping and shooting through brightly colored environments, collecting power-ups and fighting a Mysterio-looking boss, making Mega Man perhaps the closest comparison. Phantom Gear’s official press release promises the following features:

- Purchase Permanent Upgrades
- Multiple Weapons
- Platforming Skill Progression
- Massive Boss Fights
- Animated Cutscenes

Watch the first trailer for Phantom Gear below, and you can check out the game’s official website here. In the other Genesis-related news, check out the complete list of games coming to the Sega Genesis Mini here.