Where to Watch Sony PlayStation's State of Play

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Where to Watch Sony PlayStation's State of Play

PlayStation’s first State of Play for 2021 is taking place tomorrow, Feb. 25. The livestream, taking place at 2 p.m PT/5 p.m ET, promises to deliver “updates and deep dives” into 10 upcoming titles for PS4 and PS5. According to PlayStation, some of the titles we’ll be seeing were also at the PS5 showcase last June. I’m betting conservatively, expecting a release date for Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and some news on Little Devil Inside and hopefully a long look at Deathloop. Some folks are rooting for a game about cats in a robot city. Chase your bliss, y’all. There will also be new announcements alongside these updates on games we’ve known about so expect to find something you might like and can play soon. PlayStation went a step further, announcing the showcase tomorrow will be 30 minutes and won’t relate to any hardware or business. So don’t expect metrics, charts or any news on the newly announced follow-up to the PSVR.

You can watch the stream here or wherever you may find a livestream in 2021. Tiktok might have it for all we know. The Youtube stream is embedded below and if you jump into the chat now, you can chat with the couple hundred folks already waiting to be disappointed by the lack of Elden Ring news.

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