Pokémon GO Plus Accessory Available Next Week

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Despite (or perhaps because of) Pokémon GO’s recent decline in popularity, the game’s long-awaited wearable accessory will finally be made made available next week. On Sept. 16, Pokémon GO Plus will be released, allowing users to keep their phones tucked away while still getting alerts about nearby Pokémon and PokéStops.

The device, which can either be worn as a bracelet or clipped to one’s clothes, connects to users’ smartphones via Bluetooth. It begins to vibrate and flash a blue LED light when near a Pokéstop. When a Pokémon appears nearby, the device flashes and vibrates, and the user is able to press a button on the device to capture it—if successful, the device will flash and vibrate.

Retailing at $34.99, many enthusiastic players will surely find the new accessory quite useful—it’s certainly a good solution to keep users from burying their heads in their phones while walking around. And perhaps it will help Niantic and Nintendo bring wayward users back to the game.