Pokémon GO Developers Niantic Honoring Requests to Disable Game in Certain Places

No one should be playing Pokémon GO at the Hiroshima Memorial

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There are places that you should not play Pokémon GO. Most of us can probably agree on that, but that hasn’t stopped certain individuals from playing in such wildly inappropriate places as the Holocaust Museum. In response, Niantic has now opened up a submission form on its website to allow people or groups to request the removal of PokéStops, Gyms or the complete game service.

This was sparked by officials from the Japanese city of Hiroshima asking for Niantic to prevent access to the game in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, where a memorial service was being held over the weekend to honor the victims of the atomic bombing. Thankfully, Niantic obliged in time for the service, which is pictured above.

“We consider the park a sacred place where we pray for the victims of the atomic bombings,” a city official told the Associated Press.

Pokémon GO is now no longer playable at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park or the Holocaust Museum. Anyone can request the removal of PokéStops and Gyms if they are on private property, dangerous or just inappropriate. Hopefully this can both prevent other incidents and calm some people who have taken to suing Niantic over the presence of Pokémon on their properties.