Pokémon GO is Giving Away Extra Candy for Halloween

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Pokémon GO is getting into the Halloween mood with its first-ever in-game event, designed to make the game a little more Trick-or-Treat-themed.

Starting Wednesday, Oct. 26 and running to Tuesday, Nov. 1, certain spooky Pokémon, like ghost-types Gastly, Haunter and Gengar, among others, will be more likely to spawn.

Along with that, players will get more candy for every Pokémon caught. Each catch will now earn players six candies, instead of the usual three. Players will also get double the candy from transferring a Pokémon to the professor. There will also be bonus candy rewards for your Buddy Pokémon, which will earn four candies a pop, a big increase over the usual one.

While this may not be the kind of content update fans were hoping for, there’s no reason to turn your nose up at some free candy.

Check Niantic’s blog here for more details, and watch a video announcing the Halloween event below.