Latest Pokémon GO Update Makes It Easier to Exchange Unwanted Pokémon for Candy

Games News Pokémon GO
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By its very nature, Pokémon GO is a game that requires some grinding. You have to catch multiple kinds of each Pokémon to get candy in order to level up other Pokémon. And if you want candy, you’re going to have to transfer some Pokémon to Professor Willow for it. To make this process quicker, the latest update to GO allows players to transfer multiple Pokémon at once by pressing and holding on a Pokémon.

The update also adds a couple of small usability improvements. Your Buddy Pokémon’s candy count is now displayed on their information screen, along with the total distance they’ve been walked. Also, an icon has been added that identifies a Pokémon’s type when looking at a Gym.

So now when you’re relaxing at a Starbucks Pokéstop, sending some Pokémon to Professor Willow’s candy farm and taking on the gym, things will be slightly more convenient for you.