Pokémon GO Team Leaders Revealed, More Updates to Come

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After most players have already made a major life decision based on color and vague descriptions, the leaders behind Pokémon GO’s three teams have been revealed.

As the above picture shows, Candela leads Team Valor, Blanche Team Mystic and Spark Team Instinct.

Developer Niantic released the leader identities during the Pokémon GO panel at last week’s San Diego Comic-Con.

In addition, per IGN, Niantic CEO John Hanke provided updates on forthcoming features and ideas the team has to grow their runaway game. First off, he said in the coming months and years, the developers hope to add Pokémon beyond Generation 1.

One common player request Hanke also addressed was trading. He said the team was working on the feature, but are still far from a predictable release date.

He also mentioned furthering Pokéstop customization, with Niantic working on methods for players to “build up an area” around the landmark locations.

Kotaku reports that Hanke also discussed undiscovered easter eggs, the addition of extra-functionality to gyms and a possible breeding mechanic.

Hanke apparently stated that currently, Pokémon GO is only operating at 10 percent of where Niantic wants it to be. If that’s the case, then there’s no telling what future feats of ingenuity and fan creativity we may see in the coming months.

Check out an uncropped image of the team leaders below (click to enlarge), and find all things Pokémon GO on Paste here.