Ranking the Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Games

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Ranking the <i>Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six</i> Games

With The Division out today, Ghost Recon Wildlands sneaking out before the end of the year and Rainbow Six: Siege being the best multiplayer shooter in months, 2016 could be a great year for Clancy-philes.

But if you’re not already up to date it can be daunting to look at picking your way through nearly two decades of games for the tactical gems so we’ve rappelled through every Rainbow Six game to find the ones worth your time and effort.

A couple of ground rules:

-No expansion packs.
-No entries on either mobile or handheld platforms.
-No games released only in South Korea (Sorry Rainbow Six: Takedown)
-Where games differ between console and PC versions, unless specified we’re talking about the PC version.

This brings us to a nice round number. Without further fanfare, let’s pass judgement on our favorite series of Tom Clancy games.