A New Resident Evil 8 Demo Might Be on the Way

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A New <i>Resident Evil 8</i> Demo Might Be on the Way

Resident Evil Village (aka Resident Evil 8) looks like it may be getting another major demo around its next showcase on April 15th.

As reported by Gamesradar, the Playstation database has had files uploaded to it recently that point to a gameplay-heavy demo of Resident Evil Village coming soon. The SKUs all read “Resident Evil Village Gameplay Demo” and are hefty downloads at 10 GB. This does not mean you can go and download a new Resident Evil Village demo now, but does point to one potentially dropping very soon.

As you may remember, at the last Resident Evil showcase Capcom dropped a demo that focused on exploration and a character called the Maiden. Some weeks ago, Capcom teased that they’d be dropping another demo with more gameplay than that one closer to the release of the game. Well, with another Resident Evil showcase coming next week and a little less than a month till Resident Evil 8 launches on May 8, it seems this is finally happening.

It’s likely no coincidence that this has leaked at the same time that Capcom has just announced the date for their next Resident Evil showcase. As well as more news on the game and property at large, this time around the company did tease that there’d be some surprises, which at this point may either point to the release of this demo or maybe another out-of-left-field announcement like their competitive multiplayer game Resident Evil Re:Verse. Looks like we’ll just have to tune in then and see what Capcom’s got in store for us.