Sea of Thieves to Get Seasons, Battle Pass Starting in 2021

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<I>Sea of Thieves</I> to Get Seasons, Battle Pass Starting in 2021

Sea of Thieves developer Rare has posted their final update vlog for the year, announcing major changes to how the game will look and play in 2021.

Starting in January, a seasonal progression system will roll out for the game, with each season set to last three months. Each season will begin with a new experience or way to play the game, with new content such as live events and items being added over time. The season system will replace the current monthly update schedule that Rare has been working with for the game.

Players will also be able to earn new cosmetic items for themselves and their ship with a new battle pass system, featuring 100 levels of “Pirate Renown” to earn. Levels are earned by players doing tasks like adventuring and exploring that they are already familiar with as well as through new pirate trials. According to Rare, the battle pass system allows players who cannot complete full trading company voyages in a single play session to feel as though they have tangibly progressed in the game.

A premium version of battle pass called the “Plunder Pass” will also be available for players for a fee. The Plunder Pass gives players access to unique rewards and exlucives from the Pirate Emporium. No price for the Plunder Pass was given.

Rare also announced that the game’s PvP arena mode will no longer be receiving updates due to the overwhelming popularity of adventure mode.

“Over 97% of our playtime is spent in adventure,” said Executive Producer of Sea of Thieves Joe Neate “We aren’t planning to continue evolving and updating arena.”

Arena mode, its shops and cosmetics will still be available in their current state for players to make use of however.