Evo Champion SonicFox Takes Home Two Titles in Full Fursuit at Clutch 2018

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By now, a victory by Dominique “SonicFox” McLean in any given fighting game competition comes as no surprise. The Evo champion currently holds top three rankings in five different titles and rarely leaves a tournament empty-handed. Watching him take down all challengers in style has yet to get old, but that hasn’t stopped SonicFox from spicing things up a bit.

Entering last weekend’s Clutch 2018 event, SonicFox, who is a member of the furry community, made good on a promise to compete in full fursuit. The move gave the fighting game community some up-close experience with a subculture that is often generalized and marginalized, even within the sectors of nerd culture. Decked out in his iconic bright blue, he provided a face for furrydom both in competition and at the commentary table, complete with some well-placed boops.

Providing positive representation for an often-derided community is grand enough, but SonicFox went on to take the Clutch 2018 crowns for both Injustice 2 and DragonBall FighterZ, despite having his vision impaired by his fursuit head.

In the end, SonicFox delivered on a promise that further cemented his dominance in the FGC and allowed him to fully express himself while showcasing the wide cross-section of the furry and gaming communities.

Now fans will have to wait and see if he fulfills his next promise: avenging his loss to GO1 in DragonBall FighterZ at Final Round 2018 while decked out in the full regalia of his fursona.