Spider-Man Is Getting New Content Starting Next Week

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Spider-Man Is Getting New Content Starting Next Week

On Tuesday, Playstation announced in a blog post that DLC is on the way for its recently released exclusive, Spider-Man—and it’s only a week away. This will be the first in a three-chapter series of DLC titled The City That Never Sleeps. Chapter One, subtitled The Heist, looks to expand the game’s universe with the introduction of a new character and three new costumes.

Felicia Hardy, otherwise known as Black Cat, jumps into the scene as another of Peter’s old flames. In a teaser for the DLC, Spider-Man chases the heroine through a subway after a museum robbery. It may be a while before fans get the whole story, though. According to Playstation’s blog post, the City That Never Sleeps story plays out across all three chapters. Players can purchase the chapters one at a time for $9.99 or altogether at $24.99. Anyone who doesn’t own the game yet can grab a bundle including the base game and all the DLC for $79.99. If you’re still not sold on Spider-Man, check out our review right here.

The first costume the blog touches on is designed by comics artist Gabriele Dell’Otto, whom fans may recognize from his run on the Secret Wars miniseries penned by Brian Michael Bendis. Dell’Otto’s costume is known as the Resilient Suit. The other two included in the Heist DLC are the Scarlet Spider II costume and the Spider-U.K. suit.

Along with the costumes and Black Cat’s introduction, the new DLC brings new enemy factions, crimes, challenges and trophies. The DLC will be available on Oct. 23, but tomorrow, Oct. 17, brings new content to the game, as well: IGN reports that the game will add a new game plus mode and a new Ultimate difficulty, all as a free update.

Until then, check out the teaser below for a first look at Black Cat.