Target's Support Twitter Account Reportedly Confirms the Spyro the Dragon Trilogy Remaster for Late 2018

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Target's Support Twitter Account Reportedly Confirms the <i>Spyro the Dragon</i> Trilogy Remaster for Late 2018

Reports surfaced last month that the minds at Activision were preparing a remastered collection of the original Spyro the Dragon trilogy as a timed exclusive for PlayStation 4. Recently, a support Twitter account for nationwide retail chain Target answered a series of user questions regarding the forthcoming title and those responses reportedly confirmed both the release window and title of the collection.

The collection featuring the memorable PlayStation-era mascot will reportedly be titled Spyro: The Treasure Trilogy and will launch in late 2018. This seems reputable, as previous reports suggested the collection’s release could coincide with the celebration of Spyro’s 20 year anniversary this September, though late 2018 implies the release might occur a bit later in the fall.

The details first began trickling in from the AskTarget Twitter account late Tuesday night when users began asking the account when preorders for the collection would begin. No details were revealed in the initial responses from the account, but it did vaguely state, in rather corny terms, that “Currently, Spyro is travelling from a faraway land.” The unconfirmed Spyro: The Treasure Trilogy title was revealed in a response to a separate question about pre-order availability early Wednesday morning and the late 2018 release window was first mentioned in a response to another user Wednesday afternoon.

The details revealed by the department store’s support account are yet to be confirmed by Activision, but the reveal of the Spyro collection was reported to take place some time in March. With only a short amount of time left in the month, fans are expecting an announcement in the near future.