Confirmed Sequel to Star Wars: Battlefront Will Feature Content From New Films

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After announcing its slate of planned sequels to the wildly successful Star Wars: Battlefront earlier this year, Electronic Arts has confirmed that this slew of follow-up properties will feature content from the new Star Wars films.

EA CFO Blake Jorgensen revealed that, while the first installment only included content from the original trilogy, Battlefront 2 will have “bigger and better worlds” that include content from the new movies. Jorgensen wasn’t specific about whether that content would come only from The Force Awakens, or from Episodes VIII and IX, as well as the planned spinoffs Rogue One and the untitled Han Solo standalone (which just cast its star).

Jorgensen also shared the company’s plan to release one new game every year for the next four years, with the immediate Battlefront sequel scheduled for a “next year” release. It’s worth noting that next year could refer to either the next calendar year (2017) or EA’s next fiscal year (2018), which leaves the actual release date still pretty vague. The game franchise’s schedule resembles Disney’s plans for the Star Wars film franchise, which will see a new installment hitting theaters once a year until at least 2019.

Jorgensen also confirmed that the action game from Visceral and Motive Studios will also be coming out next year, in addition to an expected release of Respawn’s third-person action-adventure Star Wars game. The latter does not have a projected release date.

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