Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay Footage Brings Fast-Paced Mayhem

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It’s been 10 years since the last Star Wars Battlefront game came out, but soon the wait will be over. And until then, we’ve recently been given a glimpse of the multiplayer gameplay … and it looks AMAZING.

The ins and outs of gameplay itself looks familiar, and yet there’s something different … it’s as though everything has been given a coat of fresh, glossy paint. Despite complaints about some of the missing features of previous entries in the series, the video should still satisfy most viewers.

Hoth, the planet featured in this video, is not a new planet for Battlefront players, the setting appearing in both previous games. However, it looks as though there will be plenty of new things to make the Battle of Hoth fresh and exciting again. After watching the gameplay with its incredible sound design and eye-widening graphics, it’s almost astounding to think how satisfied we were with the original games, even though this kind of software tech wasn’t around 10 years ago. Considering this was made by the same people who made the Battlefield series, it appears Battlefront is in very good hands from a gameplay and balance perspective.

Star Wars Battlefront is set to release Nov. 17.

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