State Of Decay 2 Breaks Record With Over 1 Million Players in its First Two Days of Release

This state sure is crowded

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<i>State Of Decay 2</i> Breaks Record With Over 1 Million Players in its First Two Days of Release

State Of Decay 2 has broken an Xbox record, with over 1 million players playing the game in the first two days of its global release. The game was released early on Friday, May 18 for Ultimate Edition purchasers and on Tuesday, May 22 for everyone else via purchase and Xbox Game Pass. In announcing the title’s record-breaking player count on Friday, Microsoft detailed a lot of stats on the game and its player base, from over 6 million hours of gameplay being logged to over 675 million zombies killed between all users.

Xbox’s implementation of its Game Pass service seems to be paying off, but it is hard to gauge how much is due to the fact that Xbox doesn’t release numbers tallying who plays via Game Pass versus purchasing the game, State Of Decay 2 in this case, outright. Most in-game characters, according to Microsoft and Undead Labs, survive for three in-game days, whilst some savvy players have gotten in-game survivors to live for over an in-game month which, given the game itself, seems genuinely impressive. The game is pretty unforgiving, as shown in the trailer below.

State Of Decay 2 is an Xbox Play Anywhere title, so it is playable via Xbox One and Windows 10 devices, and the online component is cross-playable between the two platforms. For more on State Of Decay 2, check out our six best tips to help you thrive in the zombie-infested apocalypse.