This Super Mario Odyssey Live-Action Musical Trailer Is the Weirdest Thing You'll See Today

Games Video Super Mario Odyssey
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Ever wonder what Mario would look like in a live-action world? No? The thought is too terrifying, you say? Well, that’s too damn bad, because not only did Nintendo just release a live-action trailer for Super Mario Odyssey (seen above), but also, he sings and dances in it.

Welcome to the awesomely titled New Donk City Festival, with (live-action) Mayor Pauline and her jazz band playing that catchy song from the E3 2017 trailer. We aren’t sure why Pauline is the mayor of a city presumably named after the giant-ass gorilla who kidnapped her, but we’re glad that her political career has taken off, regardless.

We see the still-cartoony Mario dance with some fedora-wearing New Donkers (?) in what looks like a Broadway show. Then, Mario turns into a public menace, possessing both people and dogs with his hat Cappy without their consent—what this game may say about the nature of consciousness is truly troubling. Maybe Mario would be less of a nuisance if he just put on a shirt, stopped punching dinosaurs and got a day job.

The hotly anticipated Super Mario Odyssey is coming to the Nintendo Switch on Oct. 27—that’s going to be a big day for videogames, with Assassin’s Creed Origins and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus releasing the same day. We can’t wait for their musical trailers.