See All the Ways You Can Have Fun with Super Mario Party in its Launch Trailer

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See All the Ways You Can Have Fun with <i>Super Mario Party</i> in its Launch Trailer

It’s easy to see why Super Mario Party will be exclusive to Nintendo Switch: The game’s launch trailer shows a plethora of different ways that you can have fun with the game because of the specific system you’ll play it on.

It’s a lengthy launch trailer simply because it has so many features to show you. In Super Mario Party, you’ll have access to 80 brand new mini-games, many of which will require you to do things like pumping your fist in the air, striking poses, and acting like you’re rowing down a river with your group of friends, Joy Con in hand. You can combine your Nintendo Switch screen with the screens of other players to fight against them, play on two screens as teams, or connect your screens to work together. And, of course, there is the game’s classic party mode with new characters and stages.

Watch the launch trailer below to see it all. Super Mario Party will release on Oct. 5 for Nintendo Switch.