Super Mario Party Gets Free Online Multiplayer Three Years After Release

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<i>Super Mario Party</i> Gets Free Online Multiplayer Three Years After Release

In a strange move for anyone but Nintendo, the company has randomly made a free multiplayer update to Super Mario Party available today. For them, this is just another Tuesday.

The nearly three-year old title, which up till now mostly supported local play only, now allows full online play of the typical Board Game mode, where up to four players compete against one another as part of its first update ever. 70 minigames in the game will also now be playable in the Minigame mode as opposed to the 10 that were available before.They’re also bringing the Partner Party mode online, which pits teams of two against each other within the classic Board Game mode.

Instead of boasting nearly zero online play like Super Mario Party did at launch, the game’s now got the proper online suite that it should have had all along. Weird that it came now of all times, but hey I guess it’s better now than never.

If you were really clamoring to play Super Mario Party online, it sounds like now is as good a time as any to dust off that copy or buy a brand new one if you never did. Everyone else, thank Nintendo and congratulate them on joining the 21st century.