Superhot VR Announced for Oculus

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Superhot Team, the Polish studio behind this year’s indie-FPS hit Superhot, just announced a VR version of Superhot is coming later this year to Oculus. They are working on making the VR experience as immersive as possible. The one example they gave of new mechanics was designing holophonics so the player could locate bullets by hearing them in the air around them. They provided this gif to illustrate the experience of playing Superhot in VR.

superhot gif small.gif

They also announced free DLC for Superhot. “DLC will introduce new levels, game mechanics and introduce new ways to immerse yourself into more Superhot,” they wrote on their dev blog.

superhot dlc.jpg

We loved Superhot’s ridiculously meta story and themes. Its gameplay conceit, that time only moves when you move, gave the FPS gameplay a unique balletic feel. We are interested in seeing what new elements Superhot Team introduces with the DLC and VR.